UK ALMA: "Bring Your Own Data" Workshop

21st-25th Nov 2016

UK ARC Node, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester

Expression of Interest:

Please use this form to express your interest in attending the UK ALMA BYOD Worksop.
Deadline is 1st Nov. 2016


First Name:




How many collaborators will be joining you:

ALMA dataset* you intend to work with (please give ALMA Code e.g. 2011.1.00474.S):

(This will gives us an idea of the disk space we will require).

Initial desired outcomes for the workshop:

(Please give some initial indication of the goals you wish to achieve during the week. e.g. ALMA+ACA data combination etc etc.).

(* You can literally bring data on a USB drive or even your laptop, but if the data will be coming straight from the ALMA Archive, we can download this in advance, given enough info/notice.)