Monday, 2nd July 2018

Galactic Scale
11:00 Ian Bonnell Invited: Galactic scale flows and the formation of high-mass stars
11:30 Ana Duarte-Cabral Invited: Travelling through the galactic potential
12:00 Rene Oudmaijer The binarity of massive young stellar objects
12:15 James Urquhart ATLASGAL: Link between Galactic Dynamics and Star Formation
12:30 Fabien Louvet The formation of the high-mass star forming regions through colliding flows
12:45 Cara Battersby Star Formation in our Extreme Galactic Center: Results from the CMZoom Survey
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Xing Lu Crouching Monsters: Deeply Embedded Star Formation in Massive Clouds in the Central Molecular Zone
14:30 Anthony Marston Distributed Massive Stars and Possible Implications Star Formation and Clusters
14:45 Abigail Frost Unmasking massive forming stars using mid-IR observations and 3D radiative transfer modelling
15:00 Loren Anderson The HII Region Discovery Survey (HRDS)
15:15 Alessio Traficante Dynamics of 70 micron quiet clumps and their environment
15:30 Coffee
16:30 Poster Session

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

Molecular Clouds
09:00 Nicolas Peretto Invited: A review on molecular cloud properties and their link to the formation of massive stars
09:30 Gemma Busquet Invited: Massive star cluster formation: the role of the magnetic field and the environment
10:00 Sebastian Haid The early impact of ionizing radiation on early forming clouds
10:15 Siyi Feng Initial star-forming activities towards the high-mass, low luminosity-to-mass ratio clumps
11:00 Juan Diego Soler What are we learning from the relative orientation between the magnetic field and the density structures in molecular clouds?
11:15 David Rebolledo A multi-phase and multi-scale view of the ISM in the Carina Nebula
11:30 Chris Wareing MHD simulation of cloud formation by the thermal instability and consequent massive star feedback
11:45 Harriet Parsons Magnetic fields in the "Jellyfish" (G0.55-0.85) Complex
12:00 Yuan Wang Studying atomic hydrogen during cloud formation by means of HI self absorption
12:15 Shaoshan Zeng Chemical complexity in the Galactic Centre GMCs: The nitrogen-bearing family
12:30 David Eden CHIMPS2: Resolving Star Formation in the Galactic Plane
12:45 Peter Barnes Tracing the Flow in Massive Molecular Clumps: New Results from CHaMP
13:00 Lunch

14:00 Adam Ginsburg Invited: The formation of high-mass stellar clusters
14:30 Roberto Galvan-Madrid Invited: Connecting Scales in High-Mass Star and Cluster Formation
15:00 Thomas Nony Challenging the relation between cores masses and stellar masses: from W43-MM1 to the ALMA-IMF large program
15:15 Adam Avison Tracing the evolution of high-mass protostars with ALMA: Fragmentation and clustering properties.
15:30 Yu Cheng Core mass function, kinematic and massive star formation in protocluster G286.21+0.17 revealed by ALMA
15:45 Luke Maud Dynamics and flows in the complex massive star forming region W33A
16:00 Coffee
16:30 Poster Flash talk, 1 min each

Wednesday, 4th July 2018

09:00 Ralf Klessen Invited: Star Formation and ISM Dynamics
09:30 Laura Fissel Invited: The Formation of Dense Gas Structures within a Magnetized Giant Molecular Cloud: A BLASTPol Study of Vela C
10:00 Jean-Francois Robitaille Connecting ISM structures to star formation processes
10:15 Gwenllian Williams Gravity drives the evolution of infrared dark hubs: JVLA observations of SDC13
10:30 Coffee
11:15 Derek Ward-Thompson

(presented by Kate Pattle)

B-fields in high-mass star-forming regions
11:30 Sandra Trevino-Morales Are spiral filamentary structures ubiquitous in massive star-forming regions?
11:45 Rowan Smith The Interplay between Filaments and Massive Star Formation
12:00 Discussion session
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Social activitiess
19:00 Conference Dinner

Thursday, 5th July 2018

Cores & Embedded objects
09:00 Frederique Motte Invited: High-mass star and cluster formation in the Milky Way
09:30 Daniel Walker Unveiling the early formation of high-mass stars in the Central Molecular Zone
09:45 Joseph Mottram From clump to disk scales in high-mass star formation regions
10:00 Geumsook Park Sub-mm flux variability in Planck cold clumps
10:15 Fernando Olguin Density, temperature and kinematics of the MYSO AFGL 2591
10:30 Ross Burns Double Maser Super-Burst
10:45 Coffee

Outflows & Disks
11:30 Henrik Beuther Invited: Disk structures and associated outflows in high-mass star formation
12:00 Katharine Johnston Invited: A high-resolution picture of fragmentation and accretion in the AFGL 4176 disk
12:30 Ciriaco Goddi Multi-directional, non-steady mass-accretion onto high-mass protostars
12:45 Aida Ahmadi Core Fragmentation and Disk Stability in High-Mass Star Formation: The link between observations and simulations
13:00 Lunch
14:00 John Ilee The circumstellar environment of the massive proto-O star G11.02-0.61 MM1
14:15 Rolf Kuiper First Hydrodynamics Simulations of Radiation Forces and Photoionization Feedback in Massive Star Formation
14:30 Alberto Sanna Discovery of a warped infalling disk around an O-type YSO
14:45 Todd Hunter JVLA detection of dramatic changes in the outbursting massive protostar NGC6334I-MM1B
15:00 Crystal Brogan ALMA Detection of a Disk/Jet System Driven by the Outbursting Massive Protostar NGC6334I-MM1B
15:15 Anna Rosen The Formation of Massive Stars with Radiative and Outflow Feedback
15:30 Nathaniel Kee Near Star Radiative Feedback and the Stellar Upper Mass Limit
15:45 Mayra Osorio Modeling of a unique accretion disk around a high-mass protostar
16:00Dimitra RigopoulouInvited: Massive Stars: recent achievements and future possibilities (Upcoming facilities and Future Surveys)
16:30 Coffee
17:00 Poster Session

Friday, 6th July 2018

Upcoming Facilities & Future Surveys
09:30 Mark Thompson Invited: Upcoming and recent surveys of massive star forming regions
10:00 Simon Purser A Galactic radio survey of jets from MYSOs: An unobscured insight into massive star formation
10:15 Katharina Immer A 159-211 GHz spectral line survey of SGR B2(N) with the SEPIA receiver at APEX
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Sergio Dzib The GLOSTAR VLA galactic plane survey
11:15 Shari Breen The 'full-strength' MALT45 - mapping the 45 GHz sky
11:30 Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Conference recap
15:30 End of conference
16:00 Coffee