ALMA OST: Image Library

Version 9.0

Galactic Objects: Examples of objects to be found within the Milky Way.

Protostellar Cluster

Modelled protostellar cluster (Credit K. Tatematsu and CASA guides(NRAO)).
Pixel Size = 0.43arcsec/pix.
Spatial extent = 55 x 55 arcsec.
Selection Name: Protostellar


An image of the star forming region NGC1333 shifted into the southern hemisphere and placed at 8kpc.
Pixel Size = 0.31arcsec/pix.
Spatial extent = 54.4 x 84.4 arcsec. This image will require multiple ALMA pointings.
Selection Name: NGC1333 at 8kpc

Protoplanetary Disk

Simulated image of a 1 M_jup orbiting a 0.5 M_sol Star at a distance of 50pc. (Credit S.Wolf and CASA guides(NRAO))
Pixel Size = 0.0031arcsec/pix.
Spatial extent = 0.8 x 0.8 arcsec.
Selection Name: Protoplanetary Disk

Nova Model

A simulated noisless model of a bipolar outflow from a classical nova representing thermal bremßtrahlung from a young nova. (Credit Heywood & O'Brien (2007)).
Pixel Size = 0.03arcsec/pix.
Spatial extent = 7.68 x 7.68 arcsec.
Selection Name: Nova Model
Extragalactic Objects Examples of objects to be found outside the Milky Way.


Spatially rescaled image of M51 H_alpha emission. (Credit NRAO CASAguides).
Pixel Size = 0.01arcsec/pix.
Spatial extent = 10.24 x 10.24 arcsec.
Selection Name: M51

W49 at Leo T

Simulated image of star formation region if present in Leo T. (Credit A.Richards)
Pixel Size = 0.15arcsec/pix.
Spatial extent = 15.0 x 15.0 arcsec.
Selection Name: W49 at Leo T
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