Poster Presentations

Allison TownerMid-IR SEDs and Centimeter Continuum Observations of Galactic Massive Protoclusters
Stuart LumsdenWhat can Gaia reveal about the early phases of massive star formation in clusters?
Tom MegeathThe instantaneous flow of gas into stars: mass accretion onto low mass stars in high mass star forming clouds

Cores and embedded objects
Andres GuzmanChemistry on the high-mass protostellar clump IRAS 16562-3959
Bethany JonesThe evolutionary status of methanol maser sources
Kenichi TatematsuTwo Orion cores close to the onset of star formation
Namitha IssacMultiwavelength Study Towards the EGO G12.42+0.50
Raphaël Mignon-RisseHybrid Radiative Transfer Method for Prestellar Isolated Core Collapse
Yanett ContrerasInfall signature in a intermediate mass pre-stellar core
Naomi Asabre Frimpong ALMA survey of astrochemical species around High mass protostars

Vivien ChenFilamentary Accretion Flows in the IRDC M17 SWex
Xing LuGas Infall and High-Mass Star Formation in Filamentary Clouds

Galactic Scale
Benedicta WoodeMonitoring of the polarizations of the Hydroxyl masers in the periodic methanol masers source G9.62+0.20E
Daniel RahnerStellar Winds and Radiation in Unison
Emmanuel Proven-AdzriDiscovery of periodicity in the methanol maser G323.459-0.079
H Perry HatchfieldThe CMZoom Catalogue of High Mass Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone
Jinjin XieInfall observations and modelling in massive star formation
John BallyExplosive Outflows and Luminous IR Transients from Massive Protostars
Jonathan TanMassive Stars and the Origin of Supermassive Black Holes
Koichiro SugiyamaStatistical research of the periodic flux variability in high-mass star-forming regions through 6.7 GHz methanol masers monitored with Hitachi 32-m
Rebecca PittsFar-IR SED-Fitting and CO Abundances of Massive Molecular Clumps in the CHaMP Survey
Remy IndebetouwTwinkle little stars: Massive stars are quenched in strong magnetic fields
Sac Nicté-MedinaEffects of the radio compact sources in the star formation region NGC 6334D to F
Samuel BillingtonMaser emission in high-mass star forming regions
Shanghuo LiHow to make massive protostellar cluster?
William ArmentroutA Complete Census of the ~7000 Milky Way HII Regions
Wonju KimIonized and molecular regions toward ATLASGAL dust clumps
Tie LiuInfall and outflows in high-mass star forming regions.
Bert VandenbrouckePhotoionising the DIG in the Milky Way: and insteresting fine-tuning problem.

Molecular Clouds
Daniel CallananChemistry within the Central Molecular Zone
Gwanjeong KIMThe chemical study of 9 Planck Galactic cold clump cores embedded in filament structures
Jonathan HenshawSeeding the Galactic Centre gas stream: Initial conditions for the formation of Young Massive Clusters
Kate PattleThe JCMT BISTRO Survey: first measurements of the magnetic field strength in the Pillars of Creation
Kenta UeharaDense Molecular Cloud Core in the Galactic Center 50 km/s Molecular Cloud
Natalie ButterfieldStar formation feedback drives kinematics in the Galactic center
Pamela KlaassenCarina's Pillars of Destruction: the view from ALMA
Sac Nicté-MedinaTurbulence in the molecular gas of the W43 region
Sandra EtokaExploration of the W51 SFR complex through 6668-MHz methanol maser emission
Simon GloverTracing the flows that form molecular clouds
Tie LiuThe TOP-SCOPE survey of Planck Galactic Cold Clumps

Outflows and Disks
Josh WalawenderExamining the Links Between Protostellar Properties and Outflows
Jungha KimDisk-outflow system of G25.82-0.17 revealed by ALMA and KaVA observations
Kee-Tae KimKVN Surveys of Water and Methanol Masers in High-mass YSOs
Koichiro Sugiyama Understanding high-mass star formation through KaVA observations of water and methanol masers
Nichol CunninghamInfall and Outflow Motions Towards a Sample of Massive Star Forming Regions
Rene OudmaijerThe formation and evolution of Herbig Ae/Be stars
Rolf KuiperThe Formation of Spectroscopic Massive Proto-Binaries via Early Disk Fragmentation and Migration
Viviana RoseroThe Onset of Ionization Feedback in High-Mass Protostars
Luke MaudChasing Discs around O-type (proto)stars: ALMA evidence for an SiO disc and disc wind from G17.64+0.16
Anders KölliganFrom Infall to Outflows of Massive Protostars

Upcoming Facilities and Future Surveys
Andrew RigbyDust property variations and the concentration of mass in IRDCs: a NIKA view
Sarah KendrewMid-IR star formation studies with JWST: Capabilities of MIRI
Laura FisselStudying the Role of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation with BLAST-TNG adn ToITEC
Laura FisselStudying Star Formation with the Probe of Inflation and Cosmic Origins (PICO)
Mengyao LiuThe SOFIA Massive (SOMA) Star Formation Survey - Tests of Massive Star Formation Theories