Getting to Windermere

We assume that most attendees arriving from outside of the UK will arrive into Manchester airport (airport code MAN). From there getting to Windermere is fairly easy by train requiring (usually) only one change. Below we list trains from MAN airport to Windermere. We list reference times from other major airport here.

A limited number of shuttle bus runs from Windermere to the venue will be provided. Alternately there are regular buses running from the station to right outside the hotel, or taxis can be taken. A member of the LOC will be at the station to navigate you to a means of getting to the hotel.

Advanced tickets can be bought on the TrainLine website here. Alternately, tickets can be bought upon arrival at Manchester airport, though they will cost more.

Notes: The below information is just for reference. We would advise you choose 'Off-Peak Return' which allows you to travel on any off-peak trains and return within one month during off-peak time if your arrival and departure airports are the same, especially you would like to buy tickets in advance.

Trains when arriving at MAN airport:

1st July

Departure timeNumber of changesChanging atArrival timeDuration
07:421 Preston(Lancs) 10:523h10min
08:002Manchester Piccadilly & Preston(Lancs) 10:522h52min
09:051Oxenholme Lake District11:362h31min
10:101Oxenholme Lake District12:192h9min
11:101Oxenholme Lake District13:041h54min
11:432Wigan North Western & Oxenholme Lake Distrcit13:532h10min
11:513Warrington Central, Warrington Bank Quay & Oxenholme Lake District14:402h59min
13:101Oxenholme Lake District15:592h49min
13:412 Wigan North Western & Oxenholme Lake District15:592h18min
15:101Oxenholme Lake District17:021h52min
16:101Oxenholme Lake District17:581h48min
17:101Oxenholme Lake District19:482h38min
17:412Wigan North Western & Oxenholme Lake District19:482h7min
18:101Oxenholme Lake District20:392h29min
19:101Oxenholme Lake District21:392h29min

2nd July

Departure timeNumber of changesChanging atArrival timeDuration
04:342Manchester Piccadilly & Oxenholme Lake District06:392h5min
05:202Wigan North Western & Oxenholme Lake District07:492h29min
06:101Oxenholme Lake District08:472h37min
06:352Wigan North Western & Oxenholme Lake District08:472h12min
07:102 Preston(Lancs) & Oxenholme Lake District09:29 2h19min
08:101 Preston(Lancs) 10:41 2h31min
09:101 Oxenholme Lake District11:39 2h29min
09:292Wigan North Western & Oxenholme Lake District11:392h10min