Version 3.0

FITS Fixer

The OST has a number of FITS header requirements (see here), if an uploaded fits file does not contain the required information then the OST will be unable to complete a submitted simulation.

To help in ensuring as many successfully completed jobs as possible the following Python script was created by Adam Avison. The script does the following:

  1. Read in the FITS data.
  2. Check for the existence of the required fits header keyword
  3. If a required header keyword is missing a dummy value for this parameter is added
  4. If the FITS BITPIX value is not -32 or -64 the header is ammended and the data array fixed.
  5. A new corrected FITS file is output.

The script is available here

System Requirements: The Python script requires NumPy and PyFits packages.

Disclaimer: Owing to the many and varied types of FITS files in existence testing of this script is not complete over all of them. As such we make this script available as an experimental script with no guarantees.

We welcome any feedback/bug reports that may occur. Please email Adam.